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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Paiute Golf Course with the FBI 2011

The Annual John Bailey Memorial Tournament in Las Vegas, NV August 2011

I had a great day on the course(s).  Not that I golfed, well, actually I got conned into taking a few shots.  I am so not a golfer.  Not sure if the guys just needed a good laugh...  At least I hit the ball, normally I miss it. 

Here are some of the pics from the day, just some silly ones or the view.

Thanks for a fun day and the beautiful weather.

Connie and Cat

My hubby's team

Congratulations on getting back in the game!

so how do I look?

good follow through :)

Wolf Course, I think it's my favorite

These guys were having a fun day!

Where's he lookin?  And that was planned.  Love the humor!

Love the fun ones!

Good thing the girls were there, I was ignored.

The coordinator, thanks Tomasso!